Top 10 Best Frisco Breweries

Top Brewery in Frisco, Tx

Frisco is no exception when it comes to brewing up some delicious beer. Next to Colorado, we like to think of Frisco as a prime destination for any avid beer connoisseur. Brewing up hops is no joke, and there are literally close to a hundred local breweries in and around the Frisco area. So how do we choose the best Frisco Breweries? This list was certainly not easy to pick only ten. We tasted and may have gone back and tasted some more from these local Frisco breweries. We love beer! Some of Frisco’s all-time favorites are listed below – Some have been around a while and are now available in the local grocery store. Some on the list are just keeping it purely local and only available in the taproom. We picked a variety of breweries – some breweries using traditional methods, and some use fruits or other flavors to enhance the richness of the taste. 

Cork & Growler

8979 FM 423 Suite 100,
Frisco, TX 75034
(469) 980-7499

Vincent and Carmelle Martinez opened Cork & Growler in 2017, although the dream started long before that. Vincent used to watch his father do homebrew as a child. When Vincent got older, he tried his hand at it. He then met and married Carmelle in 2007. Carmelle had to put up with long nights of brewing or bottling or whatever step in the process he was at (which can make the whole house smell like hops, as you probably know!). He slowly started purchasing more and more equipment to make the homebrew process easier. At work, Vincent had friends that were also into homebrew, and they became aware of craft beer. They started buying and tasting different craft beers and eventually became members of Untapped, where they posted their reviews of the different beers. After learning about growler bars, they started going to those as well to try even more craft beers. In 2015, Vincent thought to himself that he could start a growler bar, and Carmelle loved the idea and wanted to be a part of it. Because Vincent and Carmelle worked full time, the process was slow to start. The first application to the first bank was sent in September 2016. The process of finding funding was long and arduous. But finally, in April 2017, the funding was confirmed. After that, the fun process of building a bar began. Vincent and Carmelle (more so Carmelle) incorporated their love of dogs with the bar and confirmed with the city that dogs would be allowed inside as well as outside the bar. They have 2 beagles named Lilly and Bailey that are 11 and 10 years old, respectively. Carmelle also made sure that people who weren’t into beer as much were kept in mind, with the wine on tap. The goal of Vincent and Carmelle’s is to educate as many people as possible on craft beer and growlers so that they become more mainstream and possibly legal in counties such as Collin County. They live in McKinney and have 3 boys Tristan, Caleb, and Brayden that were born in 2009, 2010, and 2012, respectively. –

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