Frisco Child Care Options for Working Parents

As a working parent, you can’t be with your child every second of the day, as much as you would like to be. Luckily, there are several options available for parents so that you can find reliable, quality child care for your kid. Here are a few of the different child care options for working parents to consider.

Stay at home Friends

One of the best options is to ask a family friend and fellow parent to watch your child while you are at work. If you have a friend who is already a stay at home parent, they may be generous and willing to take care of your child as well for a few hours each day while you are at work. This can be very convenient and affordable if your friend is up for responsibility. Another option is to alternate watching kids with a group of parents. This way everyone gets time for work or other obligations and everyone takes turns to be responsible for supervising the children of the group. This only works if everyone is upfront about schedules and commitment to this arrangement.

Family members

Another great child care option is to ask a family member to help out. Often grandparents are eager to help out and spend time with their grandsons and grand-daughters. This is also free child care so it is a win-win for everyone. Not only do you get reliable care from someone who loves your child as you do, but it is also free!


If friends and family members are not an option, you may choose to hire a nanny to come to your home and watch your children while you are at work. Some nannies with come just for the day, acting as a babysitter. Others can provide full-time help and service, and you may even offer to have them stay in your home, paying for their rent as part of their nannying compensation. This is a great way to have an experienced child care professional available to you. Having the same person in the comfort of your own home also gives your child consistency and familiarity since this person will eventually feel like part of your extended family.

Daycare center

You also have the option of utilizing traditional child care services at a daycare center. Be sure to ask people for recommendations with child care centers in your area. When looking to find a center for your son or daughter, be sure to go in for an interview so that you can check out the facility, meet the professionals and director, and ask questions you may have about services. In addition, find out if your job offers child care services for employees. Sometimes these are right on your job location, making the pickup and drop off significantly easier! Some companies even provide discounted child care or even free services! If you don’t ask, you’ll never know!


When child care options are not available, or plans fall through, consider talking to the employer about work from home days. In emergencies, this can be a great way to still care for your children, while also allowing you to get your work done and keep up with your work-related responsibilities.

As a parent, you always need to have a reliable child care plan, as well as several backup plans, in case Plan A falls through. Analyzing and researching all f your options will help you to determine what is available as well as what kind of child care situation works best for you and your family.

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